Surrealist Poetry by Adam Hoyle

diverted after Mobo nominations
Grieving Family Standards Compliant Firefox
Ends Harassment 100-year-old pool
NASA Learns to be Poincare

Surrealist Poetry stopped sending poems to Speakers Corner at the end of April 2006. All of the poems that were sent to Speakers Corner were archived, and that archive will become available to browse in the future.
This project is based on a surrealist game that involves taking a newspaper, cutting out the words of the headlines, donning a blindfold and making poetry by blindly (re)arranging the words. A growing number of online news sources and weblogs provide RSS feeds, so I have created an engine that takes a special selection of RSS feeds and randomly re-arranges them to provide interesting and sometimes provocative poems. From February 2005 to April 2006 Surrealist Poetry sent poems live on the hour every hour to Speakers Corner, a dot matrix display housed located on the outside of the Media Centre, Huddersfield.
Commisioned by Media Centre Network, The Media Centre, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK.